Hours of Operation

Sunday – Saturday

24 Hours A Day

Phone: (803) 436-2770

Fax: (803) 436-2775


The Communications Division is the “nerve center” for Emergency Services in the City and County of Sumter. The Center is responsible for the receiving of 911 and non-emergency calls for service, as well as, dispatching appropriate personnel to answer received calls.

About Communications

  • Dispatchers must have the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, while making critical and even life-altering decisions. Dispatchers excel in working under pressure, never letting the severity of the last call show through to the next caller. Excellent communication skills are necessary to skillfully serve a socially, economically and culturally diverse population such as Sumter. It is important to have logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Dispatchers need a strong sense of community service and motivation to spend nights, weekends and holidays away from their own families.


    The Communications Division is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by shifts of six (6) communications professionals. Employees work 12 hour shifts in conjunction with Uniform Patrol.


    Dispatchers are well trained professionals, responsible for the answering of all 911 emergency calls, as well as, non-emergency calls for service for both the City and County of Sumter. Dispatchers are responsible for all radio communications for Police, Sheriff, Fire and EMS units responding to both emergency and non-emergency calls. They are highly trained to multi-task and maintain a constant log of data and information received both via the phones and radio. Dispatchers focus on complete and accurate data to ensure the safety of both the public and the units under their watch. As needs arise, Dispatchers communicate and coordinate with surrounding counties and may also answer after hours calls for agencies such as Water and Sewer.


    The Communications Dispatch maintains multiple 911 emergency and non-emergency lines

    An average of 1,008 calls per 24-hour period were received in 2015

    In 2015, Sumter TCOs answered a total of 368,229 telephone calls and dispatched a total of 186,571 calls for service.

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