Crime Analysis

The Crime Analysis Unit tracks crimes and associated arrests as a key component for the department’s Intelligence-led policing model – Educate, Evaluate and Enforce. Such data is used by officers to identify patterns, trends and areas of concern and then develop a plan to address crimes, many of which can be prevented or deterred through additional patrols and other proactive measures. Data collected include crimes involving weapons, vandalism, auto theft, robbery, larceny, burglary (residential & commercial), auto break-ins, sex assaults, homicide and aggravated Assaults.


  • The mission of the Sumter Police Department’s Crime Analysis Unit is to provide timely, accurate, informational support to line operations and investigators; to maintain an accurate crime and suspect database that facilitates quality analysis; and to produce and disseminate timely publications on crime series, patterns, trends, and offenders that can lead to the identification, arrest and successful prosecution of criminals. The Crime Analysis Unit also provides administrative support in terms of producing staff reports, statistics, along with annual reports to the Chief of Police.

    The Sumter Police Department Crime Analyst engages in three types of crime analysis:


    An analytical process that provides information used to assist operations personnel (patrol and investigative officers) in identifying specific and immediate crime trends, patterns, series, sprees and hotspots, providing investigative leads, and clearing cases. Analysis includes associating criminal activity by method of the crime, time, date, location, suspect, vehicle and other types of information.


    Concerned with long-range problems and projections of long-term increases or decreases in crime (crime trends). Strategic analysis also includes the preparation of crime statistical summaries, resource acquisition and allocation studies.


    Focuses on provision of economic, geographic, or social information to administration.

    In addition to acting as an internal resource for operations staff and administration, the Crime Analysis Unit routinely fields telephone inquiries from the public requesting a variety of statistical information. The Unit works closely with the Community Services Unit in the identification of hot spots and determines the best course of action to prevent additional incidences.


    Wendy Nichols of the Crime Analysis Unit may be reached at (803) 436-2766 for statistical inquiries or an email can be sent to

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