Capt. Jackson

Capt. Jeffery Jackson began his career as a law enforcement officer in 1988 with the Sumter Police Department, where he rose through the ranks to his current position as head of the Patrol Division.

The Patrol Division is the largest division within the police department and is responsible for providing 24-hour law enforcement services and specialized enforcement to the community. Uniformed police officers answer more than 180 calls for service daily and strive to provide the highest quality law enforcement service in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

The Patrol Division also consists of specialized units such as Animal Control, the Neighborhood Empowerment Team and Traffic. These units collectively provide several enforcement services that are in line with the department’s intelligence-led policing philosophies and strategies.

Capt. Jackson serves as a vital team leader for the agency and can be reached at: (803) 436- 2742

About Patrol

  • Four (4) patrol shifts provide 24-hour police presence in the City of Sumter. Working 12-hour rotating shifts, uniformed officers are assigned to proactively patrol and answer calls for service within nine defined areas of the city.

    A Lieutenant and Sergeant supervise each patrol shift. The Lieutenant serves as the watch commander, handling the majority of administrative duties, while the sergeant provides direct field supervision for the shift.

    Each patrol shift employs specially trained officers who are able to handle a variety of forensic crime scene duties including evidence collection and preservation, latent fingerprint searches and crime scene photography.

    Field Training Officers (FTOs) are assigned to each shift and are responsible for the training and evaluation of new officers upon graduation from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. .

    K-9s are utilized by all shifts and handled by trained and certified patrol officers. Tracking K-9s are certified to assist in locating missing persons as well as suspects who flee from crime scenes. Narcotics K-9s are certified to assist in detecting illegal drugs that might be concealed in vehicles, houses, luggage, etc.

    Sumter Police Department’s Traffic Unit is responsible for public safety on the streets and highways in the City of Sumter. The unit accomplishes this through education and enforcement. Traffic Officers employ radar and laser technology to address neighborhood speeding complaints. The unit can respond to various traffic-related needs with the use of motorcycles, marked and unmarked police cruisers, and a speed monitoring trailer.

Our Team

Lt. Johnson: A Shift

Lt. Furman: B Shift

Lt. Quiroz: C Shift

Lt. Plute: D Shift

SSGT. Singleton: Traffic